Granite,Quartz,& More

Rest assured that there will be plenty of options for you to choose from granite to quartz. We carry most surfaces available on the market.

Waterfall Countertops

Give your kitchen that extra style by allowing our professionals to create a custom waterfall countertop.

Designer Sinks

Something that gets as much attention as the kitchen sink deserves just as much attention in choosing one that fits your style, budget, and lifestyle.

Backsplash Options

Create a one of kind kitchen by adding a custom backsplash to your kitchen. We offer tile, granite/quartz, and more.
orlando marble countertops bathroom

Let's Build Your Dream Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen countertops today, we want embodiment of durability, high-performance and elegant looks. It also needs be able to bear the rigors of kitchen specifically by being heat proof, stain resistant and easy to maintain hygiene.

The possible contemporary kitchen design for kitchen countertops in the pass have been a mix of  wood, stainless steel, laminates, glass, concrete and ceramic. All of these materials have negative aspects which go against the thought of what an ideal material for a great kitchen countertop should be. We carry the best in natural stones like marble, granite, and onyx. We also carry a wide range of  Quartz countertops . Each of these stones has its merits. Marble and Granite cover all the aspects which are needed for an elegant, good looking and colorful kitchen countertop. Quartz is non-porousits so it’s stain resistance is top notch . Colstone Surface Designs are your Kitchen remodeling and construction designs experts and we can help you pick the right countertop service for your home.

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